Elisa is currently 27 jears old. She is born in Tyrol, Austria. Asked aout where she comes from Elisa describes herself as a Tyrolean.

Grown up in Austria and doing her education there, she later decided to emigrate to Düsseldorf, Germany years ago, in case to leave her little village she lives in before.

Elisa likes a lot of things. Her dogs, good food and good sleep, shopping, fitness and Playstation gaming.


She early became famous for her conspicuous exterior. She has had a few cosmetic surgeries, among other things she is known for her large breasts. But her tattoos should be mentioned.


Elisa also became a well known instagram model with over 370 thousand followers and an outstanding social media influencer.


She is represented on different types of social media channels and at least broke over a million views on her TikTok presence. 


Elisa did a lot of advertising, marketing and figurehead of different kind of companies.


As an TV celebrity she also did an tv appearances at "Get the fuck out of my house".


Later on she focused her modeling as a so called Glamour Model and non nude model, mostly for her Instagram and Only Fans appearance.


But she began an career as singer & song writer. 


Elisa recently and proudly became the official cosplay model of Stiletto.