Elisa AKA Angelyne Knight



Elisa Albrich becomes official Cosplay model

to incarnate the character of Angelyne Knight



Official Cosplay Model: @elisa_albrich


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Angelyne Knight was born into luxury in the posh East End of Capital City. Her father, Charles, was a private banker to the city’s wealthy and powerful; her mother, Valentina, was an Estonian model. Angelyne enjoyed both her father’s money and her mother’s looks, often dabbling in modeling and fashion between clubbing and shopping. This privileged lifestyle disappeared when Charles and Valentina were murdered in 2012. Probate revealed that the Knight family was insolvent, their lifestyle a fraud maintained on illegal loans. Distraught and in debt, Angelyne found work as a dominatrix. Her society connections, haughty attitude, and striking bone structure made it easy for to attract a clientele of wealthy masochists. Angelyne became a prominent figure in the Capital City fetish scene, finding a power and purpose she had never known as a trust fund dilettante. Unfortunately for Angelyne, one of her clients was Sergio Enrique Zambada. A drug lord in El Cartel de Los Carteles, Sergio lavished her with money in exchange for her services – and secrecy. But secrets are hard to keep in the underworld, and eventually Sergio’s rivals discovered his kink.
Sergio blamed Angelyne for the exposure. To restore his damaged machismo, Sergio and his henchmen kidnapped Angelyne and tortured her to the brink of death. As Angelyne lay dying, Sergio revealed the cartel had been her parents’ creditors – and murderers. The pain and shock fueled her ascension into her own self-image of sex and power. She slaughtered Sergio and his cronies on the spot. Then, dubbing herself Stiletto for the unbreakable razor nails and sharpened heels she sported, she began a one-woman war against the cartel’s operations in Capital City. After a year of mayhem, Stiletto suspended her crusade to join the Star-Spangled Squadron. She was admitted at the personal request of American Eagle, whom she dubbed “the only good man in this whole shitshow.”

Pencils/Inks by Mel Joy San Juan, Colors by Rohvel Yumi.